About department

The  foundation of the department was necessary in order to prepare highly skilled work force on “Space technique and technologies” specialty for the development of space knowledge of Kazakhstan and other related economic sectors. Development of space branch of Kazakhstan is a focus area of industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Tulekbayev Yerlan Tashtayevich, head of Space Systems Operation Department of the K.I. Satpayev Kazakh national research technical university, candidate of technical science.

Mission and strategy

The mission of Space SystemsOperation Department is contribution to sustainable development of economy by the training of highly skilled bachelors, masters and PhD and enhancement of research and innovative effectiveness.

Strategic objective of department is to provide integrated and high-quality training of competent, competitive specialists in production and exploitation of rocket and rocket-space systems.

“The whole world strives to learn about the space”. The thing is not about current profits, but about opportunity to augur well for progress in science and technology after in years. For this reason, any allocated funds coming from the state for space development, will be compensated. The whole world has already started competing.”(From speech of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, 12 September 2015). 

Purpose and objectives.  

In order to implement the given mission the department management, teaching staff and EP set next goals:

  • Formation of general and scientific and social and personal competences of the specialist of SOES of the Republic of Kazakhstan conforming to requirements for this specialty on the basis of a combination of training technologies of an innovative orientation and scientific practical activities;
  • Development in students and master students skills of the engineering analysis and designing, statement and carrying out scientific research by taking into account current trends of development of space activities; 
  • Training of the graduate to educational activities, independent training and development of new professional knowledge and abilities, forming of requirement for constant development of innovative activities in the professional area;
  • Training of students and master students for successful career in the scientific, research and production organizations and educational institutions occupied with solving problemsof astronautic science, by the development of their professional and ethical responsibility, capability to study individuallyand improve skills throughout all life.


The main objectives of department are:
- training of specialists, having high theoretical and practical professional qualification in the field of space technique and technology;
- carrying out all types of educational and methodological operations on disciplines at the high theoretical and practical levels, taking into account the advanced achievements of science and technology; 
- training of research and educational personnel through PhD programme and professional development;
- research activities in the field of basic and applied researchin terms  of a profile of department activity, and also in adjacent areas, the active involvement of students into research work of departments, scientific publications of students, PhD students, staff of department in rating scientific publications.
- work with students: mentoring, involvement of students in scientific student clubs, and also public life of University.