Research work

The research work of the Department is carried out in accordance with the plan of Scientific Research Work of KazNRTU after K.I. Satpaev and the plan of Scientific Research Work of the Department of General and Theoretical Physics. 

All teaching staff, postgraduates, PhD students and a number of students of “Technical physics” and “Heat engineering” are involved in scientific work.

Teaching staff of the department actively participate in international and national conferences and forums. In November 17-18, 2014 KazNTU held the International Scientific Symposium “New concepts in condensed matter physics”, organized by the Institute of High-Tech and Sustainable Development and the department of General and Theoretical Physics, which was attended by more than 60 scientists from near and far abroad. At the plenary and breakout sessions on the topics: “Structure of condensed systems” and “Physical properties of condensed matter” were heard more than 30 reports. Presentations were made in Kazakh, Russian and English. All reports at different sections differed by novelty of the results and a high level of scientific research.

There was published proceedings of the department in 2014- 2015 academic year – proceedings of international scientific symposium “New Concepts in Condensed Matter Physics”, 2014, 115 p.

Staff of the department took an active part in the preparation of the anniversary celebrations, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the University. The department teachers have presented research papers at the International Forum “Engineering Education and Science in the XXI Century: Problems and Prospects”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of KazNTU after K.I. Satpaev.

The list of publications for 2014 – 2015 more than 70 publications, including more than 30 scientific papers in journals with non-zero impact factor in international and kazakh journals recommended by the Committee for Control of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Two scientific seminars were carried out in 2014:
–“Underground accumulation of solar energy” - prof. Georgiev A. PhD, (Bulgaria, Technical university);
– “Modern Problems in Physics” - prof. Dyakonov M.I. (France, Montpellier University).

Held the lectures of invited foreign professors for undergraduates and PhD students at the department:
– Martirosyan K. – Professor of Texas University, USA;
–Hanno Schaumburg – Professor of Technical University of Hamburg, Germany.

In 2014, four PhD student of the Department after graduating defended dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on specialty “6D072300 - Technical Physics” and approved in 2015.


There are two teams at the department of GTP:

Physical basis of nanotechnology. Supervisor Dr., Prof. Kumekov S.E.
Radioactive Materials Science. Supervisor Dr., Prof. Iskakov B.M.

Scientific and innovative projects funded by the MES RK:

Theme: "Research the processes of defect formation in materials of electronic equipments exposed to radiation” Dr., Prof. Iskakov B.M. №747.MES.GF.12.16. 3000.0 thousand tenge (3 million per year), 2012-2014.
Theme: “Development of methods of obtaining thin zinc oxide films for solar energy”. №753.MES.GF.13.8. Dr., Prof. Kumekov S.E. 10000.0 thousand tenge (10 million per year), 2012-2014.
Theme: “Obtaining nanostructured multi-ferrites on the basis of rare Earth elements and study of their fundamental properties”. №753.MES.GF.13.8. Dr., Prof. Kumekov S.E., 7000 thousand tenge for 2015.


An important indicator of the efficiency of the research activities of the department is to engage students to research work, participation in Olympiads, Scientific and student contests, Republican scientific contests.

In 2015, 15 scientific works from 5 universities of Kazakhstan were received for the Republican contest SRWS by section “Technical Physics”. According to the results of the contest 3 students of specialty “Technical Physics” KazNTU awarded by diplomas of Ministry I, II and III degrees.

In 2015, it was presented 25 scientific works of students on technical specialties of KazNTU in the student scientific conference held by the department of GTP. Most reports differed by novelty and scientific interest.

Under the guidance of the teaching staff of the department students are actively involved into the annual Olympiad on physics and technical physics in KazNTU. In 2013-2014 academic year, students of specialty “Technical Physics” successfully participated in the International Internet-Olympiad on physics and won four gold medals and one silver. In 2014, Bahan Anel, student from Institute of Information and Telecommunication Technologies won bronze medal in the Open International Student Online Olympiad with deep study of Physics.

As a result of the international student Online Olympiad on Physics in 2015 3rd year students of specialty 5B072300 – “Technical Physics" Fayzullaeva Sabina, Kim Elena, Abdigani Akanserі were awarded by gold medals, 2nd year student of specialty 5B070200 – “Automation and Telecommunication” Semenov Bogdan is the winner of silver medal.


The Republican contest SRWS in section “Technical Physics”:

I degree Ministry Diploma was awarded the scientific works “Mathematical model of a neutron star” of 4th year student Tumratova Jania Urazgalievna of specialty “Technical Physics” of KazNTU after K.I. Satpaev. Supervisor: Dr., Prof. Mustafin A.T.
II degree Ministry Diploma was awarded the scientific work “Modeling of atomic and electronic structure of zinc oxide doped with hydrogen for space systems” of 1st year student Mukametzhan Arailym Adіlbekkyzy of specialty “Oil and Gas Business” of KazNTU. KI Satpayev. Supervisor: Senior Lecturer Balgozhina G.A., Senior Lecturer K.M. Ospanov, Senior Lecturer Useinov A.B.
III degree Ministry Diploma was awarded for scientific work “Thermal and plasma treatment of nanostuctured layers of ZnO” of 2nd year undergraduate Saitova Nadira Kurvanzhanovna of specialty “Technical Physics” of KazNTU after K.I. Satpaev. Supervisor: Phd Gritsenko L.V.