Material base

 The department has 10 training and educational-scientific laboratories, including laboratories of mechanics and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, optics, atomic and nuclear physics, engineering physics, and the training nanolaboratory of thin-film technology, a computer lab and a branch of the department in the Physical and Technical Institute of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The laboratories are equipped with modern equipments made in Russia and Germany.

Currently, the department has 35 computers that have access to the university-wide network with internet access.

There is a unique power nanosecond pulsed electron accelerator "Neptune". Teachers and students widely use the laboratory capacity engineering profile: electron microscope EM-125, scanning electron microscope MREM-100, vacuum universal post VUP-5m, electronic-paramagnetic resonance EPR-2.

The total area of occupied space is 597 sq.m.

Each laboratory have been certified, has instructions on labor protection and electric-fire safety.