Material base

In the department has been intensively developing the material base of training and scientific laboratories. The department has eight training laboratories, equipped by the most up-to-date training-laboratory supplies.

Lab Supplies of the department:
“Automation Fundamentals”, “Power Electronics”, “Electrical Engineering”, “Investigation of magnetically soft materials”, “Investigation of magnet electrician”, “Electrical Measurements”, “Electric Machine”, “Fundamentals of Electro Security”, “Electricity Supply of Industrial Enterprisers”, “Electrical Apparatus”, “Power Electronics”, “Electrical Drive”.


Training Center of Schneider Electric Company

 Names of Laboratories List of equipments 
 1 Laying and repairing of conductor cable Cable post of electropneumatic cable on Ateliers de Villetaneuse type; electropneumatic boards; electric equipment; dummy engine;  contactors, thermal relay, disconectors, cables, cable nozzles; service tables of Ateliers de Villetaneuse type.
 2 Repairing works TGBT pedagogic  BTS; option Unit of no-break power;  Compensatory box BANC SLT KIT, searching of detects for TR22; Screening Stand;  HABILIS System; VAT EPI MALAXEUR complete; Stand of Engine Launching; Basic complete for engine launching; Subsidiary complete  TESYSU; Alternative stand,  frein à poudre Full stand HARMOCEM; Active filter option; Alternative pedagogical stand, Digital axis.
 3 Automated systems Detection repair shop; manufacture; Capacity filling post; capacity closing post;  Supply post; Module M340; Support; Power module 24VDC/2,5A; Module 16 imput TOR; manipulator of rotary base;  Surface processing;  Software UNITY M group + subscription.
 4 Measuring Equipment Oscilographs with 2 adapters BNC IPXX; Stabilize feeding; Multimeter instrument; Infrared camera FLIR; Network analizer with tongs and sounder; security cord; Tongs; Phase detector; Equipment; Sounder; measuring equipment.