About department



The department trained specialists on mining electromechanics and automation of mining industry till 2004 year. Graduating students of this school are professors of the department M.A.Nurlybaev, M.D.Adambaev, A.P.Kruglikov, associated professor Ye.Khidolda, senior tutors A.B.Berdibekov, Zh.K.Togzhanova, K.A.Bayanbaev, L.A.Baynazarova, and in various years professors M.A.Nurlybaev (2001-2004), A.P.Kruglikov (1987-1992) headed at that. 

 Since 2004 year profile of the department had changed and became to train the specialists on electrical engineering. It was a principle of department renewal. Doctor of technical sciences, professor A.B.Bekbaev managed the department. 

Department staff has strengthened by young talented tutors- specialists on electrical engineering, founded the new training labs which satisfied the requirements. The number of faculty staff increased by two times. 

At present, we have 29 professional teachers, including doctor of technical sciences, professor – A.B.Bekbaev, three professors, candidates of technical sciences – M.A.Nurlybaev, A.P.Kruglikov, M.D.Adambaev, 12 docents, candidates of technical sciences – M.Zh.Zhanturin, V.N.Bavlakov, N.M.Munsyzbay, Kh.K.Muktaganov, Ye.Khidolda, A.K.Arynov, A.M.Auezova, C.A.Yusupova, M.A.Dzhamanbaev, D.B.Akpanbetov, I.Ye.Tumanov, G.D.Manapova, 2 masters – B.Sabitkyzy, M.Tolemis, 7 senior teachers – R.Sh.Abitaeva, A.O.Berdibekov, T.S.Maldybaeva, Zh.K.Togzhanova, K.A.Bayanbaev, L.A.Baynazarova, Ye.A.Sarsenbaev, 2 teachers – K.S.Zhonkesheva, S.B.Zhaksylykova, 8 masters and 2 doctoral candidates. 

The department has 9 training labs, equipped by modern training- laboratory stands. Lab trainings serviced by 4 engineers and 3 laboratories – assistances.


The innovative – students organization (supervisor of studies – docent T.M.Munsyzbay) functions on the basis of the department, where annually about 50 students are engaged in researches.

Over the past three years 25 students of the specialty “Electrical Engineering” has won 5 money awards (20000 US Dollars), 15 students became winners of the Republican competition of student scientific works, Siemens competitions, Almaty city Mayoralty. The faculty staff of the department takes part in the international program Tempus and goes abroad to Germany, France, Italy, Finland and Russia. The department closely cooperates with many Universities of Europe and Russia, and also with the leading companies on electrical engineering like Schneider Electric (France), Meenekes (FRG), Phoenix (FRG) and Siemens.

On department’s initiative has created a unique specialized training center KazFEC under the sponsorship of “Schneider Electric” and the Ministry of Education of France, where students can study realizable methods of electrical engineering process.

During the last 5 years were published by the teachers of the department: 4 text books, 7 learning aids, 43 workbooks. All disciplines provided with educational – methodological complexes and syllabuses.

Two teachers of the department (professors A.Bekbaev and M.Adambaev) are owners of state award “The Best Teacher of High School”. The candidate of technical sciences D.B.Akpanbetov became the best young inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.